Male – 1/8"- 1/4"Micro Miniature Male



Adjustable control for logic applications

  • Designed specifically for low air-volume use on pneumatic logic applications such as control,
    pilot, limit, zone, and relay valves
  • Made of all zinc-plated steel, compact size allows installation in extremely tight situations
  • Disperses the exhaust air radially, minimizing sound intensity with negligible flow impedance
  • With adjustable control, also useful as a speed control to meter exhaust air flow
  • Recommended for pressures up to 125 psi (8.6 Bar)
Male Zinc-plated Steel Construction
Model Type NPT Dimensions
Item Number Hex Length
1/8 M18 0151018 .43 1.06
1/4 M28 0151028 .56 1.59
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